About the Company

The Kuwaiti market is quite receptive to online shopping and has a clear inclination for international products. However, factors exist making it extremely difficult to enjoy an online purchase; such as credit card compatibility, availability of shipping overseas and issues with import clearance and custom duties. Such factors are subdued with the creation and launch of MRBABU.COM.

MRBABU.COM has formed numerous links and partnerships with a plethora of U.S. retailers to ensure the shopper has a wide variety from which to browse and shop. Items which are more difficult to attain can also be custom ordered for the shopper at their leisure; from sporting goods to electronics and from apparel to books, MRBABU.COM is prepared not only to fulfill the shoppers needs, but also provides easy modes of payment along with the guarantee of never surprising the shopper with hidden fees or misleading prices.

We believe in retail therapy using technology, as the experience should always be enjoyable, exciting and easily interactive. MRBABU.COM brings all of these aspects to the shopper by deploying bargain hunters, issuing personalized recommendations and connecting family and friends via social networks, among other features.

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