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Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone, 4k Video & 13MP Photography, Auto-Follow, & Facial Recognition

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  • Auto-Follow: Using face and body detection technology, the Hover Camera can accompany your journey hands-free with video recording and photo taking while cycling, running, surfing, or even hang-gliding
  • No FAA Registration Required: Fly confidently and right out of the box without having FAA limitations and restrictions like other drones
  • Carbon Fiber Cage: Hover Camera is crafted out of carbon fiber making it extra durable to falls and accidents; The Passport's propellers are enclosed in a cage providing the highest standard of safety
  • Gesture Control + Owner Mode: With owner mode you just scan your face into the app and the Passport will automatically find, follow, and record you. You can also snap photos with a quick gesture to the camera
  • Ridiculously Portable: Weighing less than 1lb and folding up to the size of a small book, the Hover Camera can be carried with you anywhere
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Hover Camera Passport is the world’s first truly consumer-friendly self-flying camera that’s safe, portable, and easy-to-use. Hover Camera uses proprietary Embedded Artificial Intelligence technology to autonomously capture personal or aerial 13MP photos and 4K video, while always keeping you at the center of the picture. 499 dollars for a full package which includes one Hover Camera Passport, two batteries, one charger, one US adapter, a manual and one easy-carry bag. Hover Camera Passport is controlled through our Android or iOS app.

Customer Reviews

The perfect follow-you & selfie drone
Shaun W. November 9, 2017
This thing is cool. Drawbacks? Sure (and I'll get to those in a second). But if you're looking for a drone/camera to take with you on a hike or even to Iceland to take crazy angle shots of you and your friends then this is for you. This review is based on the quality of selfie shots and not selfie videos (FYI).PROS:*Safe. Safe. Safe. Did I mention it's safe? All propellers are hidden behind carbon fiber cages so you can't nick your hands or fingers on accident.*The thing is built out of carbon fiber and you'll have an incredibly hard time breaking it. If you thought it was plastic think again! This thing is tougher than nails.*Don't need to get it registered with gov't because it can't go higher than 60' and it's meant to be used within close proximity of yourself*crazy small and crazy light. This thing has got to weigh under a pound if I had to guess. And it folds up to the size of a small paperback book. The batteries are also really light as well.CONS:*Battery life is short (like 10 minutes short) but it comes with 2 batteries so if all you're doing is taking selfies then it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Also, just buy some more from here since they can't weigh more than 1/4 lb.*Video isn't spectacular but gets the job done. I primarily used this for selfies since that's all I wanted. The times I did use it for video it worked but it seemed like lower quality than I'd expect from a camera in the $500 price range.

An excellent, fun flying camera with software glitches and range limits
Tom D September 18, 2017
When everything works correctly, I'd give this 5 stars for ease of use and picture quality. I took one star off for software glitches and another star off for a combination of the price at $500 and the range limit of about 60 feet. For reasons neither I understood, nor they explained, I was able to buy this for less than half of retail at a local electronics store; it was the only one they had.This is controlled via WiFi through a smartphone. If it goes beyond about 60' and loses communication it stops where and as it is until the battery runs out. The battery is good for 6 to 8 minutes; there is an indicator on the screen. The instructions it comes with are inadequate so you'll need to get on YouTube, and just try the options. The good news is it is light, relatively sturdy, remarkably stable and moves at modest speeds so you have to work to crash it. Some of the commands and controls are intuitive, but not all; aiming the camera for example isn't obvious and the directional controls sometimes seem backwards. Up and down are the only commands that are intuitive and consistent.The batteries charge relatively quickly, 15 to 30 minutes, but the instructions warn you not to charge them until they've cooled down. The batteries get hot in use so I've been going with a 15 minute cool down and then charge. The charger handles both batteries simultaneously, so in general, you're looking at 30+ minutes between charges and 14 minutes flying time with the total of 2 batteries.The pictures are terrific. The software glitch is that the camera may hoard them. Sometimes the pictures show up on the cell phone in the camera directory, sometimes in the phone's "gallery" and sometimes they stay in the drone and you have to turn it on, link it to your phone and go through a "memory management" download of each file. Several times while flying, even at close range without obstructions, the drone and camera have lost link. The drone freezes in place and the software goes through a connection process; it can take multiple tries and 2 minutes. This seems to be common to many drones.There are a lot of drone choices, but it's tough to find one with the camera quality of the Hover Passport.

Susan L September 19, 2017
Let me preface this review by saying that I have used a fair number of drones in the past - DJI, Air selfie, a bunch of Hubsans and an Eachine. Obviously each drone has its own purposes, advantages and disadvantages. The Hover camera is an amazing drone. I love everything about it. Its light yet strong. Its packable. The perfect thing to take on a vacation. The battery last 10 minutes, which is good enough to take some great videos and pictures. The controls are just incredible. For the follow your owner version, you don't even need a phone. It follows you around like a puppy. The quality of the videos and pictures are excellent. Its not too noisy. The battery takes only a few minutes to recharge. It comes with 2 battery's and one can buy more. Its perfectly safe to hold while the blades are running.I was looking for a selfie drone that I could take with me when I am travelling. I bought the Air Selfie (selling it now, if anyone is interested). The quality of pictures on the Air selfie are very very poor. The battery last an extremely short time. By time I get to adjust it for a good angle, the battery is dead. It does not have the face recognition feature.

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