Mogees Play: Learn and Create Music with any Object as Your Instrument. For iPhone, iPad.

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  • TRANSFORM VIRTUALLY ANYTHING INTO A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: the small and portable Mogees Play contact microphone attaches to any object (toys, wooden table, floor, wall) to instantly transform it into a musical instrument. Recreate drums / percussion, piano / keyboard, or guitars with everyday household objects - Play is a complete set of everything you need.
  • CREATE, RECORD, AND SHARE MUSIC WITH HAND GESTURES: use touch, taps, scratches, and other creative vibrations - the Mogees smart sensor translates these into musical notes. Fun and Inspiring across all Ages and Skills: easy for children, kids, teens, adults, boys, and girls.
  • FREE IOS APP: Pulse teaches the basics of rhythm, timbre and velocity through electronic games, from simple dance beats to more complex styles from around the world.
  • FREE IOS APP: Maestro is the quick and easy way to play music, with a continually growing catalogue of songs.
  • FREE IOS APP: Keys lets you create melodies, arpeggios and chords displayed on screen. Experiment with melodic sequences and harmonic variety through simple note and mode selection. Over 88 sound presets with a wide range of scales and keys.
  • GarageBand, Inter-App Audio, Audiobus Compatible
  • MIDI Output coming in 2017!
  • INCLUDED: Mogees Vibration Sensor, Flight Case, 2 x Adhesive Pads, Quick Start Guide, App & Plug-In Registration Code
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Mogees Play for iOS is an ingenious smart sensor that attaches to your iOS / iPhone or iPad tablet and turns the world around you into an interface for playing games, creating music and much more.

The Mogees Play device senses vibrations in the object it is attached to and uses them to extract information such as velocity, timbre, length and speed which it then translates into sounds or actions on screen. Mogees Play comes with three fantastic apps – Pulse, Keys, Maestro - that are continually improved with expanded content.

Break free from the bounds of traditional musical instruments with this simple, creative, and personalized way of making music fun. No need for controllers, joysticks or keyboards. No need for instruments either. Just plug in Mogees Play and fire up one of our apps to experiment, game, and record music using real world objects. Designed for use by everyone, from novice to professional, it’s simple and robust design means you can take it and use it almost anywhere.

Educational Tool

The Mogees Play sensor and apps are not only designed to be entertaining, they also offer reward-based (gamified) learning to help budding musicians. It’s been specifically designed to teach core skills including rhythm, timbre, velocity and encourage ensemble play.

Mogees Play Apps

Pulse is a highly addictive rhythm action game with multiple levels which takes the player through varied genres of music, subtly teaching the basics of rhythm, timbre and velocity, from simple dance beats to more complex styles from around the world.

Keys allows for simple creation of melodies, arpeggios and chords while Mogees Play is attached to any object. You can easily create musical grooves and melodic sequences with a huge amount of harmonic variety through simple note and mode selection.

Maestro is the quick and easy way to play music. Choose from a growing catalogue of themed music and then attach your Mogees to any object and play. Combine a repertoire of interpretative gestures and dexterous actions before adding that bit of showmanship to become a legendary Maestro in your own household. Determine the pace, timing and velocity of your favourite tracks to relax or stir your emotions.

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