Who is Mrbabu ?

Mr. Babu, the sub continental bargain marvel, has returned!

Mr. Babu, the sub continental bargain marvel, has arrived to your screens! What is a Mr. Babu and why is it on my screen you ask? Once upon a time, when Mr. Babu was merely a little Babu, he was born and raised into a modest, hardworking family, Babu and his family struggled to live comfortably.

Later on in his young life, Babu acquired an apprenticeship with his uncle at his convenient store. In no time at all, Babu had learned almost everything he needed to;from negotiation to logistics, marketing and bartering. But what he had enjoyed most of all, was dealing and serving his customer diligently.

With such a marvelous business sense and a smart eye, Babu has an opportunity to venture outwards and expand. This is when Babu ultimately became a Mister, Mr. Babu the businessman.

He has travelled the world, and came to establish his very own mega online store, known to the world as MRBABU.COM, a place to shop at ease and to enjoy vigorously. Mr. Babu is that joy in a bargain, that smile after a purchase, that content during delivery. Mr. Babu is the boss that makes you feel like a boss.